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Extratipsʼs mission is to help bettors make the best predictions every day. We develop and implement new ways to anticipate and predict sports results.Our research and analyses are aimed at the media, sports companies and the general public.

Our forecast models are based on the historical and statistical analysis of sports events. They make it possible to anticipate as precisely as possible the probability of occurrence of a sporting result. We make this know-how is available to the general public via the website which includes all the information needed to achieve better sports forecasts. was born from the idea that sports betting can, in addition to a source of pleasure, be a source of profit. Because we believe in the financial possibilities of sports betting, the creators are passionate sports professionals.

If the sport is not an exact science, the statistics are the best tool to offer winning predictions. That's why we are also specialists in statistical analysis and probabilities. This is the know-how of our entire team that we make available on the various partner sites of Extratips .

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The tips and previews posted on this site are written with the utmost impartiality. Our company is totally independent of any other player in the world of sports or the sports betting industry.

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Our team is dedicated to the continuous development of forecasting systems and the analysis of sports events. We are committed to making every effort to satisfy you and provide you with a high level of service.


We constantly improve our methods, continually search for new solutions to offer you the most efficient products.


Sport is our passion. This passion is at the heart of our business.